Vegan Hair Care with Pure Potions

I can be a bit of a sceptic when it comes to shampoos and conditioners.

I have always suffered with a dry scalp, even when I use anti dandruff shampoos, so when I was sent PurePotions Hair and Scalp, I will admit I didn’t think much of it. The reason I wanted to give it a try, however, was because it’s a completely vegan and cruelty free range, and you guys know I can’t resist me some vegan goodies!

Now, as I have tried to keep my scalp in the best condition as possible over the years, I have “trained” it to need only be washed once a week. Though it may still feel slightly itchy from time to time, it’s the best results I have managed to get my hair so far.


So let’s begin by talking a little bit about the products. As I’m looking at the description on the website, the first statement reads the following:

“Revolutionary Purity in Hair Care. No Parabens. No Perfumes. No Petrochemicals. No SLS. No SLES.”

The aim of the products are to clean your hair without the risk of irritation or reaction based on your allergies or skin condition. They are 99% natural and therefore wash your hair differently to how you would expect, something I was made aware of in the email they sent me. So, let’s get down to the review.

Although they’re supposed to be perfume free, the first thing I did, as you tend to do with hair care products, was smell the bottles. It’s not completely scent free, as when I opened the them I found a slight hint of lemon, which to me is rather refreshing and awakening, even if it is only a slight fragrance. So that’s good if you like to wash your hair in the morning. The next thing I checked was the texture. The only way I could describe the shampoo is that it’s almost like a jelly, but don’t let that put you off. It’s really not as bad as it may sound. The conditioner is a thick texture, which I often prefer, especially if I were to mix it with my hair colours, as I find it grips onto the hair better, leaving it feeling thick and fuller.

The application of the products were unexpected, despite being made aware of this. The moment you apply the shampoo, your mind instantly goes “Oh no, this isn’t foaming at all. It doesn’t feel like it’s cleaning… Maybe I should add more?” Don’t do this. It’s an odd experience, but that’s due to the natural ingredients. Go with it, and all will be good. The conditioner, again felt rather different thank expected. Though it felt thick in my hand, it practically disappeared into my hair as soon as it were applied. Again, I felt the need to add more, but I did as instructed and left it as is. It didn’t feel soft and silky while wet, so by this point I had heavy doubts that this product would work.

As these are natural products, I thought it would best to let my hair dry naturally overnight, so I combed it through before scrunching it slightly with a towel. I was genuinely taken by surprise with these. I combed my way through my hair effortlessly, as though it almost didn’t need it at all! I honestly didn’t expect my hair to react so well. The next thing was to leave it overnight, and I’m really glad I did. When I let my hair dry overnight, my beach waves come to life, but this time they were extra springy and felt super soft! I didn’t dare comb it as I didn’t want to lose the volume, so I decided to leave it. It didn’t look messy, it looked summery and had a wonderful shine to it.

The final thing to test was to see how long I would last without my hair feeling irritated… Not a single day did my scalp feel an itch! I tend to add talc to my hair when it feels slightly greasy, and I only felt the need to do so once within the week. So I decided to repeat all this the following week, and still it is in wonderful condition.

Now, you all know I love to keep my costs low, but the price is a bit of a bite. However, given the fact that I only need to wash my hair once a week (and I encourage others to get into the same habit), and you can grab the two for £31 on QVC, you should get a few months use out of these before you need to buy yourself anymore. That works out around £2.50-£3 a month for each product! That’s quite a steal if you have specific hair care needs.

Want to check out what else PurePotions have to offer? Check out their

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